Leningrad - Super Good

Forget the wedding I mentioned yesterday. Today my first-born child arrived. This is euphoria.

Leningrad are crazy. Their concert was one of the best I’ve ever been to.

Gogol Bordello - American Wedding

About a month ago I was at the friend’s wedding. We used this song to kick off the party. Did it work!

Ancient Future - 14 steps

These guys have been using and fusing world musics since 1978. Here is some african, oriental jazz.

Shugo Tokumaru - Green Rain

J-pop might be the shittiest thing ever invented in the world of music. This however, ladies and gentleman, is some great pop from Japan.

Kalinov Most - Yerusalim

The classic of Russian folk-rock in “The Passion of the Christ”

R.U.T.A. - Lus Primae Noctis

Reactionary Union of Terrorist Artists are back with a new record “Na Uschod”. This time not only Polish, but also Ukrainian or Belarussian songs of peasants’ dissent. It starts slow, it is acoustic but this is hardcore punk.

San Pascualito Rey - Nos Tragamos

These Mexicans do mix it up. I didn’t expect trumpets… wailing.

Shanren - Drink Song

I need to go to Yunnan province, not just to see this band. Heard it’s beautiful there, near Golden Triangle, Three Rivers and Himalayas.

Ondatropica - Tiene sabor, tiene sazon

Colombians in London. Traditional styles in new mixes and arrangements.

Fun-Da-Mental - God Evil

Hardcore hip-hop east to west. The classics.